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Important Features of IECC 2015

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

As amended in Lubbock:

  • Section R401 allows an Energy Rating Index (such as HERS) to be used as a compliance option to performance methods or prescriptive methods.

  • New homes must be air-sealed to within 5 air changes per hour (5ACH50). Air tightness must be validated using a calibrated blower door leakage testing device.

  • Whole-house ventilation systems are mandatory and must be measured by a 3rd party to ensure precise ventilation rates. Ventilation in new homes must be discharged to the outside.

  • There are new tables with new data for insulation R-values and window U-values and SHGCs.

Blower Doors

A blower door is a technical device utilizing a calibrated fan which will induce a pressure differential in a home. By measuring how much air is moved to maintain that pressure, the blower door technician can report the standardized air leakage rate. Having also calculated the air boundary volume, he can report air changes per hour. Local code amends the IECC 2015 requirement to 5ACH50, meaning 5 air changes per hour at 50 Pascals.

RESNET Home Energy Ratings

The gold standard in Home Energy Rating Indexes is the Residential Energy Systems Network Home Energy Rating System. RESNET defines the standard test methods for blower doors, duct testers and whole-house ventilation flow hoods. RESNET specifies training standards for HERS raters, and is the nationally recognized credentialing authority for HERS raters*.

Profit Line Solutions

At Profit Line Solutions, we are credentialed to perform blower door tests, duct tests and whole-house ventilation tests. We perform energy modeling including Manual J heat loads and Manual S HVAC specs.

Our mission is to assist builders in the completion of energy efficient homes. We will optimize your construction time by providing preconstruction energy projections, energy commissioning data during the construction process, quick turnaround on blower door tests, duct tests and whole house ventilators, and timely code compliance feedback.

Your homes will be Energy Efficient Mortgage-ready by final inspection, and will be differentiated by measurable energy efficiencies. The value-added quality of our ratings and energy analysis will produce quantifiable life-cycle cost savings and tax credit validation.

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